Repairs &[br] Resizing

There will always be a time where our window blinds get damaged. They will either be cracked, dismantled, tangled on their own cords, or the roller shades won't just roll. Some people will decide to just throw their damaged window blinds and replace them with new ones but that should never be the case. With Saffron Windows, we strive to keep your window blinds working for a long period of time by making the necessary repairs. Our staff is skilled enough to perform all kinds of repairs on window blinds such as repairing cord loops and cord locks which raises or lowers the blinds and lock them in place. We also fix the roller shade clutch and chain, and if your window blinds won't tilt, they can easily fix your window blinds tilter mechanism. Just give us a call and give us your damaged window blinds and we will fix in a jiffy.

Did you just purchase your window blinds and realize that they are just too big for your window? Well, don't worry too much because Saffron Windows can resize that for you. With the use of precision measuring tools and top of the line resizing tools, we can resize your window blinds so it will fit your window down to the nearest millimeter.

So why not give us a call now if you have any damaged or over-sized window blinds and watch them work our magic on your blinds.

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