Contract & Commercial

Window blinds are perfect for all types of windows. From high rise building to the simplest homes, Saffron Windows can provide a contract that fill fit every budget. Windows in conference halls need blinds to block out the sun to avoid the glaring effect of the window, energy saving solutions in tandem with solar protection can be offered by Saffron Windows. Custom made blinds for hospital cubicles are readily available for installation.

To keep up with the trend of smart devices, Hunter Douglas has also developed Smart Window Blinds. These motorized window blinds can be automated so that it will either open or close automatically. You can also set a schedule with the smart window blinds so that they will open at a precise time without you having to touch or go near the window. Set them to automatically tilt at a certain time of the day so it efficiently blocks out the sun during the high heat of summer. And to make things more interesting, vocal control is integrated with the smart window blinds' interface so that you can command your blind to raise up, roll down, or tilt at a certain angle. Full control at the tip of your fingers is guaranteed.

By calling and purchasing Hunter Douglas products, we also give you huge discounts which are a great plus for your home and for your budget.

Contract and Commercial