How To Choose The Right Window Treatment For Your Bedroom

Right Window Treatment For Your BedroomYour bedroom is more than just a reflection of your personal style, hobbies, and interests. It is first and foremost a place of rest - a personal space in your home where you can zone out and relax from a long hard day at work.

To create a truly well-designed home, it is essential to create an environment that isn’t just beautiful to look at but practical as well. Installing the right window treatment is one of the best ways you can do to create a dramatic positive change to your bedroom.

At first glance, window treatments may not sound much, but letting more light in or making the room darker can definitely impact the way you live in your space. Allowing too much light in can make it difficult for persons who need complete darkness to sleep. Meanwhile, a space that is too dark during the day time does not make a room conducive for work.

To avoid all the trouble, there are a couple of factors you need to consider before having your window treatments installed. Check out the tips below for more information.


The Owner Of The Bedroom

This simple tip may be a no-brainer but many of us are still guilty about forgetting how crucial it really is. We hate to admit it but when we become too focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing home, we often forget one important thing: the owner of the room.

Apart from personal taste and decor preferences, we must also take into consideration the person’s sleeping habits, the recreational activities they do in their bedrooms, and of course, their personal choice of window treatments.

Size And Style

This factor has a lot to do with learning interior design principles and styling. The key thing to understand here is the fact that some interior pieces can make a room look larger or smaller - it’s basically a trick on the eye. Assess the style of the room and see how your window treatment of choice affects the overall appearance of the area.

Does it make the room look cramped? If so, find out what could be the cause. Perhaps it’s the choice of fabric or the color that makes the room look smaller than it really is.


For many people, their bedroom isn’t just a place where they go to sleep. It can also be a place to do homework, a place where they create art, read a book, or even do yoga in the morning - every room has a personality after all. But room lighting can definitely affect a person’s lifestyle.

For someone who works a lot in their bedroom, more sunlight is preferred during the day for them to be productive. And so installing a window treatment that makes a room darker wouldn’t be an ideal solution.

Privacy And Safety

Window treatments aren’t just about light control, it’s also about privacy. Although you may want more light into your room, you wouldn’t want strangers to easily look into your space, would you? Also, if you have pets or kids at home, investing on a cordless window covering helps prevent unwanted accidents - a product made by Hunter Douglas.

We are proud to be the only gallery showcasing Hunter Douglas window treatments. So if you are looking for some blinds or shutters that will make you feel safe, feel free to talk to us and we’ll walk you right through it.