Which Is Better for Windows, Curtains or Blinds?

Window coverings are some of the most underrated home accessories. According to the research on window coverings statistics by Grand View Research, it is witnessed that the window covering industry has experienced a hike of 4.1% since 2019.


Window covering and window blinds have a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

  1. They add beauty to the rooms and protect your privacy.
  2. They don’t allow UV rays to come inside the room.
  3. During summers, they protect heat from entering the room
  4. During winters, they keep warmth inside.

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), curtains and window blinds, and window covering can reduce heat gains in a room by 33% and heat loss from a warm room by 10%!

Scientifically speaking, blinds and curtains are made with eco-friendly fibres that tend to absorb carbon dioxide, which is a superb way of keeping your home and environment clean and safe.Since technology has advanced a lot, there is a long list of varieties available for window coverings in the industry. Let us look at some tips that would help you choose the right window coverings and window blinds for your place.





  1. FUNCTION: Every room in your house has its usability. One of the best tips before choosing the right window covering is to understand the functionality of the room. For instance, you will be pleased with more lights in your living area than the room you prefer sleeping in. So it is vital to choose different window coverings & fabric depending on the density of blocking the sunrays.

  2. PRIVACY: Depending on the area of the house, you can formulate different plans for window covering. Window coverings for the bathroom have to be more concealing than one for the living area.

  3. LOCATION: If your house is situated on the first or second floor, facing neighbours, you might have to cover your windows adequately for privacy than living on isolated floors.

The above tips would help you choose the right window coverings. If you have recently moved into a new house or revamped your old house, you must be looking for the perfect window blinds and window coverings that match your home decor and furniture.

Let us quickly have a look at the types of window covering options available in the market:

Types of window covers:

There are various categories of window covering; here is a list of some most popular window covering: ** Link to window treatments of the site in below paragraphs**

  1. VERTICAL BLINDS: There is a wide range of custom vertical blinds, including premium blinds such as sliding vertical panels, room darkening vertical blinds, designer vertical blinds, and vertical roller blinds. Vertical blinds are basically vertical lengths of fabric clipped to a sliding track and operated via a plastic wand or a chain.

  2. Wood and metal blinds: The unique wood and metal blinds with different themes and shades add a fresh and reviving vibe to your living space. The wooden and metal blinds are most commonly used and can be easily rotated from an open position.

  3. Roller shades: Roller shades are easy to use and highly functional as they unfurl at the end. Roller shades are window coverings with a solid sheet of fabric, and a roller brings down the same.

  4. Roman shades: Roman shades are smooth coverings that fall along with the wrinkles and sleekly roll up, forming creases.

  5. Woven shades: Woven shades give a modern yet traditional touch to your rooms. If you like to have moderate lighting in your rooms, woven shades are the best choice.

  6. Cellular shades: Cellular shades are manufactured with honeycomb sheets. They help trap the cold and heat air inside the honeycomb filters, ultimately saving energy.

  7. Pleated shades: As the name suggests, pleated sheets are made from pleated fabric and come in handy with small crisp folds. Pleated shades are less expensive and are easy to operate. They last up to 5-7 years and can outclass the entire range of shades.

  8. SHUTTERS: Front tilt shutters, palm beach ploycrain shutters, hardwood shutters, hybrid shutters, urban shutters, and many more options are available in the market. A window shutter is a window covering which is extremely solid and is permanently fixed. Shutters are expensive but are incredibly durable.

  9. Panel shades: Panel shades are shades with wide fabric panels that can be slid across. Panel shades are the best choice for covering doors or big glass windows. The numerous designs and shades in panel shade will help you easily block the excessive sunlight in your room and enhance the room’s look.

  10. Tie-up shades: Tie-up shades give a royal look to your room. The classic design of tie-up shades is a true fashion statement for your windows. Tie-up shades are simply opened by pulling a curtain panel from below using strings, ribbons, and tape attached to the curtains.

  11. Solar shades: If you are looking to limit the sunlight in your rooms, solar shades are the best option as they prevent excess glare and sunlight and simultaneously protect the window’s view.

  12. Smart blinds: The upgraded technology enables you to open and close your window blinds by touching a single button. You can also schedule a time for the opening and closing of the window blinds automatically. The remote-controlled window covers and blinds allow you to control the shutters easily without moving from your place.

Window coverings play an essential role in every house. Choose the best blinds for the living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms and add sparkle to your home.
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