Step by Step Cleaning Blinds Methods for All!!

Blinds are more popular than any other coverings and contribute to your room's decoration while protecting the privacy of the room and letting light filtering into the room. Blinds are essential for your windows, so cleaning them is also essential.

Professionally Cleaning blinds should be done at least twice a year; there are different processes and methods to clean for different types of blinds. Clean blinds increase their durability and also save money in the long run.

According to an article published by HIRE A HELPER.COM, it is estimated that window blinds must be cleaned once a month. This way you can easily clean the windows and blinds quickly, and you won't have to worry about it for the entire next month.

Let us have a look at the various cleaning methods for different types of windows and their blinds:





01 Wood Blinds- While cleaning the wooden blinds, wipe them with a vinegar-dipped damp cloth. You can wet wooden blinds but don't soak them entirely in the solution, or it may severely affect sensitive areas. When you clean it with vinegar, it helps to remove the dirt, and it's a natural antimicrobial. While cleaning the wooden blinds, you can clean them in place without any hassle.
When cleaning is done, wipe the blinds until they get dry immediately so that it doesn't damage and prevent them from getting discoloured. You can condition blinds with wooden conditioners to prevent any direct damage caused by the sun.


02 Faux-Wood Blinds- Faux-wood blinds go with the exact cleaning procedure as wood blinds, but the wood conditioner is not used to clean faux-wood blinds. They use a fabric softener sheet over each slat to clean it. This method prevents dirt or dust from settling down on blinds for several months after cleaning. When dust starts to build up after some time, you can wipe the slate with a new cloth, and you are good to go.


03 Venetian Blinds- The cleaning process of aluminum and vinyl blinds is easy and can be done without much hassle. You can take blinds outside the house and wash them in a tub by creating a cleaning mixture containing a few drops of dishwashing soap with warm water. Keep the blinds soaked for some time, and then gently use a washing brush to scrub the blinds from side to side. After washing, turn the blinds upside down and wash again till all the dirt is removed.
Drain the water from the tub, refill the tub with new water to clean the remaining grime from the blinds. After that, raise the blinds and quickly place the blinds on towels to dry and remove the excess water, preventing water spots from forming on the blinds. Let them dry over a fence or hang them to dry before rehanging them on the window panels.


04 Vertical Blinds- Vertical blinds get cleaned with the same method as Faux-wood blinds, but it varies if the blinds are made of fabric. While cleaning fabric window blinds, you can use a lint roller which quickly picks up dust from slats. It would be best to vacuum it with a dust brush on fabric blinds, while vacuuming blinds can decrease the possibility of damaging the fabric blinds as you have the option to set your vacuum cleaner on low.
You can also use a blow dryer to blow away all the dirt and dust from the slats. If your blinds are stained, use a mild fabric detergent that is eco-friendly and safe to use on your precious blinds. After using the solution, let it dry on the fabric before thoroughly rinsing it to clean off the stain. If the stain is terrible and hard to remove, you can make blinds to your nearby dry cleaning services and get rid of those tough stains.



Cleaning is an integral part of our daily lives. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep our blinds and windows clean to avoid germs breeding.
Our blinds are the first layer of our window treatments. It is evident that they capture a lot of dust and dirt; thus, cleaning those blinds regularly or once every few months by a professional window blind cleaner company is advisable to prevent dirt pollutants from entering emerging into the atmosphere.
According to an article published by FIRST COAST HOME, it is observed that when comparing self-cleaned blinds with professionally cleaned blinds, professionally cleaned blinds won the race. Professional cleaners come equipped with high-tech tools and heavy power vacuums that clean with utmost effectiveness.


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